Project Description

Project description
Lidl is the third-largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. A lot of work is done to achieve further growth. The distribution centres are vital parts of the logistics chain. The new 50,000 m² distribution centre in Waddinxveen has been assessed by BREEAM – the global assessor of sustainable buildings – with the ‘Outstanding’ predicate, the highest possible sustainability hallmark.

Sustainable measures
Many sustainable solutions were thought up in order to earn the ‘Outstanding’ predicate. For instance, the building is not connected to the gas mains and there are no TL lights. Lighting is provided by over 3,500 energy-efficient LED fixtures that are powered by the 4,000 solar panels placed on the roof. Rainwater is also collected, filtered and subsequently used to flush the toilets with.

VHGM cold and heat storage
The temperature in the cooling cells of the distribution centre varies from 14 °C for products, such as vegetables and fruit, to -28 °C for deep-frozen products. The heat that is released by all these cooling machines is used to heat the office and the rest of the building. The excess heat is stored in the soil and is used to heat the building on request. In the summer, the cold and heat storage system also works to cool the building. The VHGM-designed cold and heat storage system thus makes a positive contribution to energy efficiency in a sustainable way.

The most sustainable centre in the Netherlands partly thanks to VHGM
Thanks to all these measures, the Lidl dc in Waddinxveen has a BREEAM score of 91.38 percent. This is also the highest awarded design certificate score for a Dutch distribution centre.
For this project, we were involved in the inspection, design and execution.

We successfully performed the following activities:

• Test drilling with pump test
• Basic design with permit application including full effects study
• Design and specifications subterranean part
• Support for award procedure drilling contractor
• Execution supervision of mains construction, well drilling and completion