Project Description

From mid-2016 onwards, there has been major maintenance on the N444 in Voorhout. The works were executed by Boskalis and consist of, among other things, the construction of a turbo roundabout, the renovation of the roads and the construction of a cycle tunnel for the students of the KTS in Voorhout. The province of South Holland is the client and has issued minimal maintenance and management costs as tender specifications.

These requirements were the basis for the idea of fitting the tunnel with sustainable cycle path elements. These elements ensure that the cycle path is heated during winter so gritting is not necessary. This is sustainable due to the minimal maintenance. Moreover, the cycle path will be powered by a sustainable soil energy system in the form of a mono well. During summer, the energy will be stored in the soil after which it is extracted during winter to heat the cycle path.

For this project, VHGM is involved in the permit application for the soil energy system, the design and the execution. We also take care of coordinating the construction of the subterranean and overground installation.

If you would like to know more about this project or our activities, then feel free to contact us. There are also a number of vacancies; you might be able to work with us on this great project.